we believe in...

...following the instincts! Do you also feel the tingling sensation to stop deforestation and order 100% recycled photocopy paper even if it is a nasty grey colour? Fortunately our wooden jewels never hurt nobody, we pick them up on our trips, all of them are dead branches. We leave live trees intact to remain sustainable.
...sustainable packaging! Those empty boxes for just the sake of design, used and thrown away at once - not for us. We use secondhand 100% cotton and silk materials to handsew little bags, dye them, print our logo on them and ship the jewels in fully secondhand pachages. for all, all for one! You also grab an extra pair of socks just to reach free shipping? Yeah, but these are all unique pieces of jewels, you should FALL IN LOVE, not feel pursued to get them, right? So choose one or a ton, it will always be free to have them delivered to your home.
...slow fashion! Choose pieces that mean something to you, add to expressing who you are or want to become. Come back, visit our Instagram page, think about us and purchase when you are ready. These jewels will last forever, so no need to hurry. for all! Faded varnish? Scratches from your cat? Severely torn lace? Long bath with a non-waterproof stamlerék? No problem, your little luxury is indeed sustainable! Write us to get our current mailing adress and send back your precious jewel for a refreshing total makeover. This is part of why paying more means getting more.